What is internet streaming

449 ViewsStreaming entered the world of technology in 2000. Thanks to many services such as YouTube, it has become more than popular. It is a means of accessing multimedia content without downloading. It therefore differs from download and radio fusion. Find out in this article what streaming is. Streaming is a recent multimedia technology. It […]

How to choose your internet box well?

386 ViewsThe internet box is a box offering excellent services on a daily basis. It is used in particular to have a good internet connection. Essential electronic accessory nowadays, it meets many needs. To take advantage of the various features of this tool, it is crucial to make a thoughtful and judicious choice. Discover the […]

How to enjoy good online protection?

460 ViewsThe computer tool has experienced a great expansion with the appearance of the Internet which has broken the limits of space. Thus, the Internet today represents the largest global network and holds a place of choice in both social and professional spheres. If the importance and usefulness of the Internet are no longer to […]

All about hdmi connectors (the ultimate guide)

675 ViewsThe HDMI cable has come to replace most of the cables you would have seen with your old TVs. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) allows you to connect two HDMI-compatible devices to transmit information such as video and audio between them. It’s the standard choice among high-definition televisions (HDTVs). This type of connector was developed […]