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How to enjoy good online protection?

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The computer tool has experienced a great expansion with the appearance of the Internet which has broken the limits of space. Thus, the Internet today represents the largest global network and holds a place of choice in both social and professional spheres. If the importance and usefulness of the Internet are no longer to be proven, it is no less true that this technology exposes many people. Indeed, this open network is home to many malicious programs and welcomes people with not always healthy intentions.

Poor protection of your machine connected to the Internet can have terrible consequences. Fortunately, various solutions are available to you to guarantee a suitable level of security .

The Internet is a very important tool that we really struggle to do without for its usefulness and efficiency. However, the uses made of these technologies are not always healthy. Thus, several bad practices have gradually developed on this vast network . Today, each Internet user exposes himself to dangers of various kinds, especially when he does not take the appropriate measures. At first, this network contains thousands of malicious programs with various actions. These malicious programs can, among other things, collect your personal data, spy on or even migrate to your internet device to cause significant damage.

Moreover, on the internet, we are also confronted with the problem of espionage . By accessing certain online sites, the visitor’s identity and information are immediately transmitted. So, what is a VPN? is essential to be able to take effective measures. Similarly, the Internet exposes you to many problems, in particular:

An antivirus is a computer program installed on computer hardware to detect other unhealthy programs in order to neutralize them. Thus, these antiviruses, once they have detected a malware, can either repair the file, or delete it, or put it in quarantine. Initially intended to protect local computing devices, high-performance antiviruses increasingly integrate services that also provide effective features for online protection. Your computer is not immune to attack from anywhere on the web. Basically, it can be unsolicited downloads, malicious advertising, an email attack or even a click that installs a virus on a machine.

The presence of an antivirus on a computer, which is moreover connected to the Internet, is essential. It thus makes it possible to fight against many attacks from remote servers. In practice, antiviruses today offer features such as  :

The firewall or firewall is essential to protect an entire device from attacks coming from a network. Connected to the internet, your machine represents a device linked to a risky network. In order to filter incoming and outgoing requests in order to avoid external attacks, the firewall plays an important role. Furthermore, it is necessary to specify that several operating systems offer firewalls by default with a certain configuration . However, these configurations are not always optimal. However, the strength and effectiveness of such a device reside essentially in its configuration.

Similarly, there are other firewall alternatives that are sometimes better suited for specific uses or offer more flexible configuration possibilities. Similarly, these technologies are sometimes intended for specific operating systems . If the possible configurations with a firewall are numerous, you can make default choices. For example, some grassroots firewalls allow all outgoing actions and block all incoming requests . Then, permissions are specifically granted to ports or addresses of which one is convinced of the origin.

Furthermore, it is necessary to specify that a firewall can take a hardware or software form. It can also be the subject of a personal use as it can be used to preserve the network of a company . The latter’s filter identifies suspicious packets to deny access to your system. Finally, a firewall makes it possible to fight attacks such as backdoor access, email fraud, source routing, denial of service attacks or remote connection hijacking, among other things

The choice of identifiers

While surfing online, you are often required to create identifiers used as authentication to access your pages or platforms. The passwords that are the tools for basic security become useless when we manage to crack them or find them. Thus, the choice of a password should ideally follow fairly beneficial principles. These provisions make it difficult to override your password and thereby increase your level of security.

The first step to take is to choose different passwords for your accounts. We all agree that this principle is very tedious. However, it offers great protection. When one of your passwords accidentally ends up with a malicious person, only one of your accounts is exposed to the detriment of all the others. However, when you choose a password, especially when it is unique, it is essential that it is well made .

Thus, a well-formed password must include, among other things , 8 characters with 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character. Finally, to avoid losing your password, you can use a reliable password manager

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