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Small and large smart phone repairers, the business of broken screens

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It won’t surprise you, at FrAndroid we have a lot of smartphones. And, it is statistical, the higher this number of smartphones, the greater the chances of breaking the screen. Since the end of last year, we have therefore had three unusable smartphones gathering dust in the editorial office. We have therefore tried to explore all possible avenues to repair them . A journey that has turned out to be very interesting, since in the end the prices offered by the various manufacturers, authorized repairers and smart phone shops sometimes vary from one to two. So we wanted to understand why such price differences exist.

After-sales service, the logical solution?

Like any smartphone fall victim, we didn’t really choose smartphones with broken screens. These unfortunate devices were in this case a Wiko Cink Five, a Nexus 5 and a Motorola Moto X from 2013. Three phones from three different manufacturers which, however, have the merit of covering the entry and mid-range and each possessing a different type of screen (LCD and AMOLED). Before even setting off on the streets of Paris to find out how much it would cost us to have their screen repaired, we first contacted the after-sales service of each of the manufacturers directly.

Wiko is the manufacturer that surprised us the most. The Franco-Chinese is indeed not particularly recognized for the effectiveness of its after-sales service, often criticized on our forums. And we have to admit that the 10 good minutes of waiting on a background of elevator music didn’t particularly reassure us at first sight. The good point in all this is that Wiko’s after-sales service is not a premium rate number, but a classic telephone number priced at the price of a local call that can be found very easily on its website.

It is very easy to find the service number of Wiko on the Internet

After 10 minutes of waiting, a man with a southern accent asks us what we want. He took the time to listen to us without cutting us off and never forced our hand. At Wiko, we answer our questions without having to justify any file number or product code out of the phone box. Better, explaining our screen problem and asking how much it would cost us to replace it, the Wiko advisor took the time to consult old quotes and look at how much a screen repair cost on a Cink Five . He finally gave us a price ”  between 50 and 60 euros  ” .

The steps to follow to have the phone repaired are also quite clear: it is necessary to send the phone to the Wiko repair center (”  put your phone in a bubble wrap envelope if you want, that’s fine with us  “) but at our expense, to wait a few days to receive a free estimate and, if the estimate is accepted, to wait ten additional days to receive your smartphone with a new screen. Admittedly, it is necessary to part with your phone for at least two weeks, but the smartphone is still guaranteed after it has passed through the Wiko workshops and the manufacturer uses original parts. Which is the least of it.

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