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What is internet streaming

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Streaming entered the world of technology in 2000. Thanks to many services such as YouTube, it has become more than popular. It is a means of accessing multimedia content without downloading. It therefore differs from download and radio fusion. Find out in this article what streaming is.

Streaming is a recent multimedia technology. It consists of providing audio and video content to a device with an internet connection .

In other words, it is a protocol that allows instant access to content on streaming video directories such as Les Docus

Its mode of operation is quite special. For example, playing a technology-related video on this site is as follows.

First, the computer sends a request to the server following the launch of a video. Small packets are then sent to the device’s buffer over the internet.

The video playback starts as soon as your buffer has a sufficient number of packets. The remainder of the file is then progressively downloaded into the buffer memory. Thus, the progressive downloading of packages promotes smooth playback of the file.

This technology avoids overloading your computer’s hard drive. However, it requires an excellent internet connection for smooth playback.

First, it saves storage space . Unlike downloading, the files stored on your memory are not large.

Then, it allows you to enjoy instant reading of the . No more waiting for all the content to download to play it. You can read it as you go.

Also, it offers the advantage of watching events broadcast live . The phone can therefore act as a TV.

Finally, this technology avoids fees and piracy . Buying or downloading CDs is often very expensive. But with a plan, you can easily access content via this option.

Different type of streaming

A wide variety of content can be delivered through this technology. We distinguish between content:

Audios  : they mainly include music and podcasts. You can listen to many songs without having to download them. Podcasts can also be streamed . They are available on several services. Just select what you want;

Videos : the video form has revolutionized the world of streaming. Rather than having to download large files, this technology compresses them into small packets. They are then sent to your device. While watching a floor, the suite is automatically decompressing. This promotes fluidity and allows you to play the video without pauses;

Games and apps : Games and apps also work like audios and videos. They are transferred to your server and allow you to save storage. During game play, commands are sent to another computer. It is he who executes them and sends the results to your device.

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